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Red Robin 2021 Veteran’s Day Military Discount

Red Robin invites veterans and active-duty military members for a free meal at one of its more than 500 locations to celebrate Veterans Day....

Red Robin invites veterans and active-duty military members for a free meal at one of its more than 500 locations to celebrate Veterans Day.

Red Robin will be offering veterans, with proof of service, a free Red’s tavern double burger and bottomless steak fries meal.

The restaurant also hopes you’ll share photos of your meal on social media using the hashtag #RRVetsDay. With a portion of its restaurants being individually owned, you’ll want to double-check to make sure your local Red Robin is participating in this promotion.

Bring Your Proof and Get Ready to Dig In

Red Robin LogoTo get your free double burger and bottomless order of fries, be sure to bring proof you’re a veteran.

One of the following documents should do the job:

Or, bring a citation or a commendation from your time in the service or a photograph of yourself in uniform.

Or wear your uniform to the restaurant if your service allows.

If you’re not sure whether your form of identification will work, find your nearest location on Red Robin’s website and give them a call before Veterans Day.

Red Robin Veterans Day Info

Pay Attention to the Dates this Year

The Red Robin Veterans Day burger and fries are available from Nov. 11th – 14th, 2021. Red Robin is spreading out the celebration in order to allow more veterans to participate. The Veterans Day offer normally brings a surge of guests, and Red Robin is trying to reduce the number of people coming on any given day. This will allow restaurants with limited capacity to serve more military members and veterans.

You Must Join the Red Robin Royalty Program to Participate

According to Red Robin, you must register for Red Robin Royalty by Nov. 1st. “Our Royalty program allows us to load rewards to your account which gives you the ability to redeem offers at your leisure. When you set up your account, make sure you select “yes” to the question “Are you associated with the Military” to get your Veterans Day reward and other exclusive military offers.”

Free Burger & Bottomless Fries – No Purchase Required

Some Veterans Day deals require you to buy something in order to access the free food. We get it: A restaurant needs some way to control the amount of free food leaving its kitchen.

Red Robin doesn’t do it that way, though. You’re free to claim your free Veterans Day food even if you don’t buy anything else.

What Does the Offer Include?

Depending on your Red Robin location, you can order your choice of a free Tavern burger, from a selection that includes the Red’s Tavern Double®, Pig Out Tavern Double, Haystack Tavern Double™, and Cowboy Ranch Tavern Double™.

Drinks and desserts are not included in the free offer. Gratuity isn’t either. And as far as we know, Red Robin does not offer discounts for family members or friends of veterans or military members. If you plan to bring a group, anyone at your table who hasn’t served in the military will need to pay full price.

Other Restrictions to Know About

Red Robin’s offer includes only the Red’s tavern double burger and bottomless steak fries meal. Other burgers and side items will cost full price, as will drinks and desserts.

Some locations may restrict the offer only for dine-in customers, and like many similar offers, it does not include beverages or gratuity, so be sure to bring along some money even though the food itself will be free.

Red Robin Honors Veterans Year Round

Naturally, we’re a huge fan of free food for vets and active duty military personnel on Veterans Day.

We’re also a fan of places that honor vets and service people year round, and those places include Red Robin.

The restaurant’s loyalty club, called Red Robin Royalty, gives all its members perks such as coupons during their birthday month and the ability to accumulate points toward free food.

Royalty club members who have served or are currently serving the military also get special deals throughout the year. (The club also includes special rewards for teachers.)

If you join Red Robin Royalty, or if you’re already a member, please note that your free meal on Veterans Day will not count toward your points total.

What’s the Deal with Those Bottomless Fries?

Even if you’ve never eaten at a Red Robin, you may have heard of their bottomless steak fries.

It’s literally true: Your fries will be served in a container with no bottom. Instead, it’s a stainless steel tube resting on your plate to hold the fries in place.

It’s also figuratively true: When you run out of fries, your server will bring more. Run out again and you’ll get more, just like you’d expect with a glass of water or soda.

Along with more fries than you can eat at Red Robin, you can also expect:

  • A contemporary setting with a 1950s theme in some locations.
  • Loud but not obtrusive rock ‘n’ roll music on the sound system.
  • To wait for a table during busy times.
  • Full table service (be sure to bring money for a tip).
  • TVs playing sports, news, or weather programming.
  • A full bar in most locations.

Eating and Tweeting: Red Robin’s Hashtag

Not every meal is worthy of a photo on Instagram or a shoutout on Twitter, but Red Robin hopes you’ll enjoy your double burger and bottomless steak fries meal enough to post about it.

The company’s marketing department suggests using the hashtag #RRVetsDay if and when you post on social media.

Of course, the offer is in no way contingent upon your willingness to share it with your friends.

But if you’re going to post something anyway, you may as well add the hashtag so you can be connected with other vets around the country eating at Red Robin on Veterans Day. Red Robin’s corporate leaders will also feel the love.