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VA Real Estate Specialist

Serving those who serve our country is one of my greatest joys. Married to a former Marine, I have used VA benefits for my family and my clients. I am quite familiar with the lifestyle and needs of our Military, and as your VA Real Estate Specialist, I will navigate through negotiations that will achieve the American Dream of home ownership.

VA Home Communities 

Prominent military San Diego towns like Oceanside, Chula Vista, Point Loma and Miramar await you. While a bit of a commute, Riverside County also offers many VA friendly opportunities for you and is convenient to Camp Pendleton.

VA Eligibility

In this ever changing San Diego real estate market we begin with determining your eligibility, finding out what you qualify for and then finding VA compliant homes for sale. The process can be very confusing, sometimes complicated and is always important to you, your future and to me.

Helping VA Buyers

As you have given your very best service to our country, be assured you will receive my very best service, incorporating all my experience and training to make a committed effort to have this process be understandable, hassle free and a pleasure as we identify and purchase your new home. So let’s get started!